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    Two other issues that have been a concern to Spring Institute are the following:
    1) Requirement that Local Boards review provider applications for alignment with the workforce plans prior to review by Dept of Education. We made a recommendation in our comment that the Boards invite experts in adult education (who are not competing for funding) to participate in the reviews to provide context and programmatic understanding given that boards in our area typically have very few education representatives as members and do not necessarily have any adult education representatives as members.
    Q: Is this is issue other organizations are concerned with and do you have any other recommendations?

    2) Issue of co-enrollment in programs: We were unclear whether the language in WIOA and the NPRM was intended to indicate that co-enrollment in at least two programs (e.g., Title 1 and Title II) was a requirement or was being discussed purely for definitional reasons.
    Q: Do others have a view on this? We are concerned that it may be very difficult for individuals to be enrolled in more than one type of training consecutively if it is intended to be a new requirement.

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